25 April 2014

Cold War Beer Pong

Cold War Beer Pong
I got a chance to design this game for a Cold War themed shindig, and I'm too proud of the rules not to share it. Please drink responsibly (or don't, I'm not your real dad).
    •  2 players = 16 cups, 3 beers (1 for proxy wars, 1 each side for Homeland and NATO/Warsaw)
    • 4 players = 32 cups, 7 beers (1 for small proxy wars, 1 each side for large proxy war, 1 each side for NATO/Warsaw, 1 each side for Homeland)
    • 8 players = 48 cups, 12 beers + 8 shots (or 8 more beers) (1 each side for each proxy war, 1 each side for NATO/Warsaw, 2 each side for Homeland, shots/extra beers for presidential/secretarial cups)  
  • HOMELAND: Your final Homeland cup can't be sunk until all your other cups are lost (a hit still counts for Espionage)
  • NATO/WARSAW PACT: Can be placed anywhere on your side
  • PROXY WARS: If you sink a cup on your own side, it is still removed (and does NOT count for Espionage)
  • NUCLEAR WAR: When your last cup is removed, your team launches a first strike on the opposing team, each of you shooting until you miss. Each cup sunk removes all adjacent cups as well. If the opposing team runs out of cups, victory is settled by one cup sudden death
  • ESPIONAGE (4/8 Players): When all members of your team sink cups in a round, you may 'steal' any non-presidential/secretarial cup from the opposing team and add it to your Homeland rack OR remove one use of the opposing team's presidential/secretarial cup (opposing team must drink it)
  • ASSASINATION/SUCCESSION (8 Players): Each team picks a presidential/secretarial cup in their Homeland. This cup contains either a shot (bourbon for USA, vodka for USSR) or a full beer. When this cup is sunk, it is drunk but replaced as long as your team has remaining leaders (4 total, suggested lists below)
    • USA: Truman → Eisenhower → Nixon → Reagan
    • USSR: Stalin → Khrushchev → Brezhnev → Gorbachev
4-Player Setup
2-Player Setup 
8-Player Setup
Final Thought: WOLVERINES!