01 November 2016

30 Things (Updates & Revisions III)

Several years ago I set a list of thirty goals for myself to accomplish before I turn thirty and have to think of an even more ridiculous list of forty items. The list has gone through several iterations as my goals change or (more rarely) actually get accomplished.

30 Things: The Original Series
30 Things: The Next Generation
30 Things: Deep Space 9

And now presenting everyone's second least favorite installment:

30 Things: Voyager!

Totally Incomplete (8/30)
  • Propose to a woman
  • Learn to play an instrument passably well: All I've really done is stated a vague intention to purchase a guitar - and I really want to learn this by my 30th birthday so I can subject you all to a live performance
  • Eat at a Three Hatted restaurant (I mean at least I know that high end restaurants have hats and not stars now - progress?)
  • Travel to Uluru
  • Swim naked in the Pacific Ocean: I'm actually really surprised this hasn't happened yet
  • Purchase some land
  • Grow and eat my own food (Herbs count and are the most likely method by which I will achieve this goal)
In Progress (9/30)
  • Te Araroa: Newly added to the list, and trip planning is well underway (to occur starting in late 2018)
  • Visit every continent: 5/7 - I am missing Africa and Antarctica. Africa will likely be a vacation in a couple years, but I'm seriously considering applying for jobs in Antarctica post-PhD
  • Still Omitted:  Progress slow and boring
  • Get a tattoo: Design is picked so I need to actually take some time and find a good place to get it done - maybe this summer.
  • Write a novel: I've gotten an outline written, but all my writing time at the moment is focused in on my PhD, so won't get to make any more headway on this until next year.
  • Get a PhD: Big deadline coming up this month - on track if I meet it, and in deep trouble if I don't. Wish me luck!
  • Become proficient in a martial art: Really need to get cracking on this one - should get a start within the next year and then specify a more specific definition of proficiency.
  • Read the Gateway to 'The Great Books' - note that I've gradually reduced the ambition of this goal (from the whole Great Books to half to just the introductory series). This is largely a symptom of the sheer length of my reading list! I'll make reading the whole series a part of my '40 before 40' goals.
  • Become fit enough to pass this
  • Put together a GOOD bag and BOAT: Started putting them back together, but don't have all the items, and relatively low priority to purchase.
Completed (13/30)
  • Become a member of the ADF (Reserve)
  • Save (in some form) at least $15,000 (AUS)
  • Go on a date without regard to cost
  • Give blood: I now give semi-regularly (Plasma and Whole)
  • Omitted and completed: With bonus subsequent mountain climb
  • Give away or sell all my excess junk after graduation
  • See a country music act live in concert
  • Have a research paper published: Still here, second one here, third and fourth coming soon!
  • Drive a car faster than 100 mph
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Cook my way through a cookbook (Done with much thanks to Sarah for the assistance!)
  • Spend a week in the woods: Field portion of my last training block
  • Learn to ride something with 4 legs or less than 4 wheels: Got a motorbike and a permit (still really need to get my full licence though)
Given that I now have less than three years to complete the remainder of this list, I need to get cracking!