28 July 2010

30 Things...

...to do before I'm 30

OK, so here are the rules. Each item is something I haven't done before, and something that I believe is a realistically attainable goal. Also, I have tried for the most part to avoid things based largely on the opinions and actions of other people (e.g. writing a novel is something I can do on my own; writing a best-selling novel depends on other peoples opinions). Obviously there are a huge number of things that could go on here, but I picked the first ones that popped into my head.

The list is presented in no particular order, and some items I deemed a bit too personal to include on the public list (if you really want to know them, you can ask me and I'll consider sharing).

  • -Omitted-
  • -Omitted-
  • Get a tattoo
  • Write a novel
  • Spend a week in the woods (or other wilderness type place)
  • -Omitted-
  • Get a PhD
  • Cook my way through a cookbook
  • Learn to play an instrument passably well
  • Become proficient in a martial art
  • Eat at a 5 star restaurant
  • Read at least half of 'The Great Books'
  • Visit every continent (still have to get to Africa and Antarctica)
  • -Omitted-
  • Give away or sell all my excess junk after graduation
  • Save (in some form) at least $15,000 (AUS)
  • Go on a date without regard to cost
  • See a country music act live in concert
  • Learn to ride something with 4 legs or less than 4 wheels (bikes don't count)
  • Travel to Uluru
  • Become fit enough to pass this.
  • Put together a GOOD bag and BOAT.
  • Swim naked in the Pacific Ocean
  • Give blood
  • Purchase some land
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Have a research paper published
  • -Omitted-
  • Drive a car faster than 100 mph
  • Grow and eat my own food
Go on and make your own list (post it in the comments, if you like/anyone still reads this)! Stay tuned in 9 years for a recap of this and 40 things I'll do before I'm 40.