05 July 2010

We interrupt this blog to offer our own completely useless comments

Hello all of Austen's friends and people who choose to read this blog simply because they are bored out of their mind. We were granted the wonderful honor of being guest bloggers this week. Some brief introductions, we are Kat and Jill and we decided about a month ago to take an impulse trip to visit Australia...why exactly? Who knows, but we did.

First off a huge thank you to our gracious host, Austen! I'm pretty sure he would like it if we used our blog post to talk about how wonderful he is, but really you all should already know about that.

Now, on to Sydney, which, by the way, is pretty much the BEST place on EARTH!
1) Koalas/animals in general
2) Shopping (specifically coats)
3) Botanical Gardens
4) Harbor view from the ferries
We've pretty much decided that we are going to live here forever.

I suppose we can talk a bit more about the first two items on our "favorites list." Today we adventured over to Darling Harbor (twice actually because someone* forgot the tickets) to visit Wildlife World. After surviving the terrors of the bug/HUGE spider section, we came to the cute, fuzzy section. Something to know, Koalas don't enjoy the rain, so it probably wasn't the grandest idea to go to the park on a rainy day. However there was a brief break in the rain where we got to go in and snuggle with the koalas. Okay, so maybe not snuggle, but we did get to touch them which was pretty damn neat...
Kat: Is neat the right word?
Jill: Awesomely amazing and fantastical.
Basically we want a pet koala now and are actively seeking ways to get one past customs.

Item #2, Shopping. No one in Sydney wears hoodies, sweatshirts, or the like. They all wear fitted coats. Naturally, since remember, we are going to live here one day, we needed to buy coats as well. Yesterday we decided to skip Plan A: walk, Plan B: Gardens and Museum, and jump to Plan C: Spend all the money we have in our wallets (and then some).

Finding shopping centers was surprisingly difficult. You must first find a random alleyway that leads to a random staircase or escalator, which will then lead to to a completely random and unexpected shopping center (which is pretty much always underground). You must then navigate through the underground corridors until you find a suitable store. Jill got lucky and found a coat in the first shop we stepped into, called Passion. It took me about 20 shops and 1 day to find mine.

Since you made it this far in our fairly pointless blog post we might as well tell you about our coats. Jill's knee length jacket is a vibrant shade of blue, so crisp it puts the clear waters off the coast of Australia to shame. It does however have a butt flap that is secured with a button. Clearly a necessity. I opted for a waist-length coat with asymmetric buttons and 3 quarter sleeves. I can't say its black color is anywhere near as fantastic as Jill's coat, but at least I don't have a butt flap.

We could probably go on for hours about how delightful it is here, but we aren't allowed to go to bed until this post is complete, so we'll have to cut it short. In short, Sydney is awesome, koalas are adorable, and a fitted coat is a must.

-Jill and Kat

*yes, that was me (Kat)