23 January 2011

Shapes and Getting into Them

Well I have been at long last readmitted into the gym (its nice to be vindicated, but its impossible to regain the lost time from my ban). This means that its time to start a new workout plan.

Inspired by Zak Niazi's blog (though with a much less ambitious end goal), I will be posting occasional updates on my progress throughout the next 15 weeks (probably at least once a every month). Of course as with any great journey, and many mediocre ones, I must start at the beginning.

Weight: 87.5kg (193 lbs.) - I am going to be keeping track of my diet and exercise here, its a very helpful resource, and is free!
Multi-Stage Fitness Test Score: 6.5 (Target: 7.5) - This is a rough estimate, I will do the test properly next weekend.
Max-Rep Push-ups: 21 (Target: 15; Target II: 30)
Max-Rep Sit-ups: 36 (Target: 45)
Max-Rep Pull-ups: 6 (Target: 10)
2.4km Time/Weight: 19'/10lbs (Target: 11'30"/11kg (25 lbs.)) - OK so I got lost on my route, so this time may not be accurate at all. I feel pretty out of shape cardio-wise though so I'll count the terrible score. Lots of work to do here
15km Time/Weight: N/A (Target: 2h20'/28kg (60lbs.)) - Will complete next weekend
400m Swim: N/A (Target: 18') - The aquatic center has silly hours, and I missed them >_<

I could make a billion excuses why my preliminary results are so poor, but the truth is that I just have a lot of work to do! Glad I'm finally back at work :D

And, naturally, a cat.