03 September 2011

Austen the Artist

First things first: Moved to Evanston and have settled into my typical man-cave routine of wearing nothing but a robe most of the day. Classes start in a few short (six days each - screw you Tuesday) weeks, so I'll soon be finding out how little of that number stuff I actually remember.

Now on to business! I have some more high school stuff from the archives.

If anyone hasn't seen it, I used to run a comic in the UR campus times called the Grimoire. The roots of the comic actually date back to a silly idea I came up with in High School. 'Deth Omelet' (featured in Grimoire XIV) was a band featuring the Grim Reaper (and in its early days, the Easter Bunny). Here is the original album cover for 'Corn on the Macabre' drawn circa 2005:
To keep canon continuity (which is oh-so important in the world of discontinued campus comics), I'm gonna say that this is a solo country album released by Deth Omelet after the unfortunate events in Grimoire XIV.

I also dug up a t-shirt design for my school's Science Olympiad team, which I recall was rejected immediately upon submission:

Finally, here is... something. I have no idea of the context but don't doubt that I had some incredible conclusion planned:

My money is on the pirate.