21 March 2012

The Culinarian II: The Eatening

Editor's Note: This was a post I started writing over the summer of 2010 - I think its high time I put it up to both signify my hopefully imminent return to writing a blog that no-one reads and subject you again to my cooking. Please direct all complaints about the quality of my food here.

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of your favorite low-budget cooking show. The only thing lower than the price is the talent!

This time I'll be transforming these boring 'ol ingredients...

Into a family size serving of Satay Meatballs.

What you will need:
(1) Bag of frozen, pre-cooked meatballs (the pre-cooked part is very important or you will end up with Satay Meatballs Tartare)
(2) Satay Ramen Noodle Packages
(1) Bag of frozen vegetables
(N) Eggs (I really have no idea how many, pick your favorite integer below 5)
(1) Jar Peanut Butter (crunchy)

  1. Remove ingredients from storage location
  2. Turn stove-top on
  3. Enough preparation silliness... lets get cooking
  1. Begin making Ramen in the usual fashion (if you can't do this on your own, you should probably just order out always - the kitchen is not a safe place for you)
  2. Thaw meatballs and veggies in microwave
  3. Scramble eggs in saucepan
  4. Add meatballs, veggies, peanut butter (to taste) and Ramen flavor packets to eggs, stir and heat until everything is about the same temperature (hot)
  5. Combine Ramen with everything else
  6. Eat
Join us next week for "Will I Actually Post Again Next Week?" (SPOILER: Probably Not)