10 March 2013

A Most Noble Quest!

Journal of Austen Mendel Erickson chronicling his expedition up the Anzac and the adventures & tribulations faced therein

March 15th, the two-thousand and thirteenth year by the common reckoning, 6:12PM
I have awaited the opportunity for this journey with such anticipation that it seems strange that I am finally embarking on one. Upon receiving my commission to find an overland route from the University of New South Wales to Potts Point, I straight away leapt into action preparing my route and collecting supplies.

I will be taking the great Anzac Parade far up to its source, and then must blaze my own trail to my destination. Though I am no stranger to hardship, I would prefer to travel comfortably as long as possible, and have thus packed supplies sufficient to overcome any obstacle:
-(1) Hydration bladder
-(3) Bricks
-(2) Big Macs - these wonderful comestibles have enough caloric quantity to sustain me for days, properly rationed!

Big Mac supply completely exhausted, morale low. To compound the situation, my water valve seems to be leaking - a curse be upon insufficient engineers.

Upon further inspection, water valve was not closed - a curse be upon insufficient operators. Leak repaired

Waylaid by rapscallions awaiting a bus - one youth had the nerve to blow smoke in my general direction. I fired off a dirty glance as a warning shot, only to find with dismay that I had neglected to pack extras! I must remember to stock up dirty glances at the next available supply station.

Weather excellent. Though my hunger is growing - I am confident I can soldier on until I happen upon some game or edible foliage. My faith in my purpose and knowledge of my ability shall sustain me!

 Though my faith and knowledge are strong, I would prefer more Big Macs.

My helpful guide Tanto has offered to show me a short-cut known to him! An excellent fellow, I shall have to recommend him for a commendation once we arrive.

Tanto, the treacherous snake, has made off with all of my pack animals. This is made more worrying by the fact I cannot recall ever owning any such animals nor ever knowing an individual named Tanto. This damned trail is playing tricks with my mind. I am now hopelessly off course, and must attempt to find my onward without the Parade to guide me.

Though I remain quite lost, I have been reflecting, and I wonder if perhaps the real journey is not one of mere geographic transversal, but in my soul. Perhaps I should see this not as a chance to best nature, but to become one with it!

[Illegible] sing with all the [Illegible] mountains!
I can [Illegible] colours [Illegible] wind!

I write this in a rare moment of cogency - my mind is slipping further away from me, and I fear soon it will be gone entirely. First my spirit, then my mind - it is only a matter of time before my body too succumbs. I debate leaving my bricks behind, but they have been my stalwart companions through all of this. They are all I know is real. See to it they are given a proper burial if this journal, and my remains, are ever found.

I have lost the reckoning of time. Weeks? Years? I know nothing but thirst, hunger, and pain. Tanto has returned - a figment of my own madness taunting me with his very non-existence.

[Page torn out]

Time is but an illusion
[Illegible] the signs point the way! I was a fool [Illegible]. Learn from my folly!!!

[Multiple pages torn out]

I write this while convalescing at my destination. As any fellow seasoned explorer will tell you, an expedition such as this is necessarily fraught with danger- yet it is that very perilousness that drives us to achieve. An adventure without risk is hardly an adventure at all! Carpe Diem, my dear readers!

Join me next week when I circumnavigate Australia by foot!