20 June 2010

'A' is for Team

The first thing you need to do is find the most BAMF outfit you have, and put it on. Go ahead, I'll wait. OK now listen to this. Congratulations, you are now cleared to read this blog post. I'd lik
e to give kudos to Rebecca for making this possible. She generously donated her free ticket to 'La Premiere,' without which I probably would have done something productive with last Friday night, and that would have been truly tragic.

Instead of saving kittens, or fighting crime, or solving the international fiscal crisis, as I typically do on my nights off, I decided that I deserved some R&R, and took one of the most charming people I know out on a date:

Perhaps charming is the wrong word.

Despite the company, the whole experience was really pleasant. Now the free ticket included a free soda, and free popcorn, which was in and of itself quite fantastic. You get to sit in a balcony overlooking the common-folk (who are in considerably less comfortable conditions), in a chair of mildly ridiculous proportions. However, the real special touch to all of this is that they let you order food and, more importantly, wine to be delivered during the movie. The burger and chips were satisfying, but I have concluded that 1 bottle of red wine is precisely the correct amount required to make most nights out a supremely satisfying experience.

Also, they were showing a movie called 'The A-team' during all of this, and that was pretty good as well.

BONUS: Before and after shots of my self-administered haircut (points will be rewarded to anyone who can determine the correct temporal arrangement of the pictures)