03 June 2010

Random Stuff

I figured I should mention now that I'm settling into a rather packed schedule that I plan on updating this once weekly, probably on Sunday. I'll be out of town visiting Melbourne this weekend, so the next full post will be Monday or Tuesday. However, to amuse you in the short term, here is a list of random things I've seen since arriving in Sydney:

  • A man standing in the middle of the road wearing a shabby old suit and holding the helm of a small ship. This was quite far from any major body of water.
  • About a dozen people in Green Man Suits dancing around Martin Place, each one lettered 'W,' 'n,' 'e,' 'g,' 'i' or 'r.' I can only imagine that they were attempting to say 'Erg Win' -Hooray rowing!
  • Two full grown adults beating one another with pool noodles on street corner near a shopping mall. They seemed to be genuinely upset with one another.
  • An extreme closeup of a magpie as it slapped me in the face with its wing in a flyby attack, after which it perched on a fence and started yelling at me.
  • A fifty-year-old man trying to hit on a Uni student on the bus by talking about power rangers; specifically how his 'favorite' was the silver ranger because he was "you know, not like... an earthling."
Next up: Why Sydney > Melbourne!