05 May 2012

I'd Rather be Down Under

When I created this blog, I was about to spend a summer working in Australia. Austensibly it existed as a way of broadcasting my experience for my left behind in the US. But more than that, it was intended to be a way of venting off the build-up of nonsense which frequently accumulates at the top of my brain like too much froth on a cappuccino - and the occasional serious notion that I either want to tell everybody or don't have anybody in particular to tell.

Let's have a little mood music, shall we? (Country music - on Austen's blog? SHOCKING)

My life has taken some unexpected turns over the past year: I didn't expect to be attending Northwestern until a little over a year ago, I didn't expect to be single until a few months ago, and I didn't expect to be leaving Northwestern so soon until a few weeks ago. For the first time in my life, come June my time will be mine, and mine alone - and its as terrifying a thought as it is thrilling.

I'll be on the road from about June 9 until August 1. I have a few places plotted out for now, but if you want a visit let me know - I just need a place to lay my head, and a drinking buddy. After a family trip to Disney, I'll hopefully start work somewhere for the fall.

And at the end of the year, I'm moving to Australia.

Almost anyone who has known me since middle school can tell you that this has been one of those 'someday' plans for me since at least then. If the past year has taught me anything (besides a whole bunch of math), its that someday will always be tomorrow, until you make it today.

It took me a lot of pain to realize that - and maybe it was the only way for me to learn the lesson. But if you are still in a place in life where your dreams are waiting for that someday to come - that day when all your loose ends are tied, and you think you will be ready to start living for you - stop waiting. There will always be loose ends, there will always be unfinished business, there will always be weeks, months, years until someday comes.

Make someday today.