21 May 2012

Austen the Poet

I present for your consideration two poems written by me in lieu of paying attention in high-school English:

Shortest Poem Ever

English Class
This class is extremely dull,
I would rather drill holes in my skull,
But I have no choice,
And I can't raise my voice,
To break the monotonous lull.

Obviously, I have a hard time with poetry. I think that in many ways this stems from it being a very ill-defined concept in my head. Wikipedia calls it "a form of literary art which uses the aesthetic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning," or in layman's terms, words that are more than words. Of course the problem with that definition is anything besides an extremely technical piece of writing will qualify as poetry.

I am more and more of the opinion that art is a purely relational class of things - a method of communication between an artist and a consumer or even artists and themselves. This supposition has the added benefit of allowing it to be coupled onto any sort of medium. In all honesty though, my entire aesthetic philosophy still needs a lot of work!