10 January 2013

Things What I Done

"My goodness," you have certainly thought many times since my last post, "What on Earth has Austen been up to that has been distracting him from the important things in life, like updating his blog?" Wonder no longer, my dear reader!

Despite the condescending attitude of a certain Obi-Wan Kenobi (who I have heard is actually only a Jedi Bachelor), it was actually quite a bit of work. However I finished almost a month ago and since then I don't have any excuses. Mea culpa.

However I have managed to get my e-mail inbox down to only two items (a record since my undergraduate days) - and I also built this nifty Deadwood Faro board for a couple awesome friends of mine:

It can be used to play a classic game of Faro for anyone who likes the adventure of frontier gambling, or to play the Deadwood Drinking Faro game while they are watching the show! (The rules are at the bottom of this post)

So these days I'm just waiting around to hear about my potential PhD program - if everything goes well I'll be starting that up this semester, and if not I'll be on the hunt for a job in Sydney. Either way big fun changes coming ahead! I have no idea what this means for my frequency of blog postings, but if the past predicts the future, expect the next post promptly by 2014.

If you cannot wait until then, watch this video repeatedly and await further instructions.

Deadwood Drinking Game
-Place your drink (ideally whiskey) on a card – move it only after you or another player drinks
- Drink whenever the event associated with your card occurs (see below)
- Banker refills empty beverages
A - Swearingen curses, kills someone, or abuses an underling
2 - Mr. Wu, Dan, Silas or Johnny curse or kill someone
3 - E.B. Farnum is abused or abuses Richardson
4 - Doc Cochran is frustrated with a patient or Merrick is pretentious
5 - Anyone says 'Cocksucker,' 'Hooplehead' or 'Pinkerton'
6 - Anyone mentions or alludes to gold
7 - Anyone takes or mentions dope (opium)
8 - Charlie Utter or Jane Canary curse or drink, or Wild Bill is mentioned
9 - Anyone curses, or is fleeced or killed in the Bella Union
10 - Anyone curses, or is injured or killed in the No.10 Saloon or the Livery
J - Anyone takes a drink
Q - A whore curses or mentions a sexual act
K - Bullock curses or becomes enraged, or Sol tries to be reasonable
High Card - Anytime any other character curses or dies