01 May 2012

Essay (400 Words)

Someone in my program was complaining about writing a 400-word essay, so I did it for them.

The topic of this essay is one which has extreme relevance not only within its immediate field, but also to society as a whole. Since it was first considered, it has been a topic of interest to many experts. This essay offers a unique, and novel, perspective on the topic in question. The background will be discussed thoroughly, followed by an explanation of previous work on the topic, the new material which this essay brings to the table, and concluding with remarks about the wider impact of both the issue itself and the hypothesis brought to bear here. Though the perspective presented may be controversial, evidence will be provided to support it, and its possible shortcomings will also be discussed.

Historically, there have been a number of diverse opinions on this question, which even when proven wrong, offer a distinct and useful view. Those which were eventually disproved can enlighten us as to the many labyrinthine dead ends which an investigation of this topic can lead to. On the other hand, the answers which have stood the test of time provide a valuable jumping off point for future investigation. The contemporary interest in this topic has led to some very interesting predictions, many of them quite contentious. The contribution made by this essay to the current discussion may in the end prove to be itself either correct, or perhaps false, but only time and further research will tell, and regardless it will hopefully broaden the range of the intellectual debate surrounding this important issue.

There exists a great deal of evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, for the conclusions reached here. Previous work has hinted in this direction, but no sources have made this exact claim. Many highly respected investigators have given their own opinions which can be extended to provide support for the thesis here. Those few whose work tends to disagree with the results proposed here have either started with slightly different assumptions, or overlooked the relevant factors which have been considered here. It would be difficult to disregard the overall thrust of this work without also providing evidence to support such a position.

In conclusion, there is fertile ground for future work to extend beyond the preliminary statement made here. Even so, the point which this paper has made ought not to be overlooked, as if true, it could have lasting repercussions for a wide range of related topics.