04 February 2013

30 Things (Update & Revisions)

Long time readers of my blog (i.e. myself) will recall the list I made of 30 Things to do before I turn 30. I thought it was high time to revisit that list and see how I was going! As before, particularly personal items have been omitted to protect the innocent (or guilty, as the case may be).

Totally Incomplete (15/30)
  • (Previously omitted) Propose to a woman: According to #3 on this list, I should aim for sometime around my 28th birthday - because math is always correct
  • Spend a week in the woods (or other wilderness type place): Not yet
  • (Previously omitted, and recently deleted): New goal is to figure out another goal to replace this one with.
  • Learn to play an instrument passably well: When I have $$ I'll buy a guitar or something!
  • Eat at a 5 star restaurant: [$ I need] >> [$ I have]
  • Visit every continent (still have to get to Africa and Antarctica): See '5 star restaurant'
  • Save (in some form) at least $15,000 (AUS): Hahahahaha
  • Go on a date without regard to cost: I'm noticing a trend here... what could it be?
  • Learn to ride something with 4 legs or less than 4 wheels (bikes don't count): Nope
  • Travel to Uluru: I guess I'm closer now that I'm living in Sydney!
  • Swim naked in the Pacific Ocean: And its right there too...
  • Give blood: No excuses - I'll get on this
  • Purchase some land: Unless someone is willing to trade their property for beads and baubles I'm out of luck in the short term.
  • Fly in a helicopter: I saw a helicopter the other day - so close!
  • Grow and eat my own food: I eat food a lot - does that count?
In Progress (9/30)
  • Still Omitted:  But going well ;)
  • Get a tattoo: Got a design and waited long enough to make it non-impulsive, so I just need to get around to it at some point
  • Write a novel: Started a few stories but nothing substantial yet - still not going to write this one off (twofer!)
  • Get a PhD: In progress!
  • Cook my way through a cookbook: Well, I own a few cookbooks at least now
  •  Become proficient in a martial art: Sorta complete? I've dabbled in a bunch of different ones - need to settle on one and then commit
  • Read at least half of 'The Great Books': Currently on Book 4 of Gateway to the Great Books, progress is slow but non-zero!
  • Become fit enough to pass this: In better shape than I have ever been but still a long way to go!
  • Another Omitted Goal: Fun!

Completed (6/30)
  • Still omitted: I also climbed a mountain afterwards. Bonus!
  • Give away or sell all my excess junk after graduation: Ditched pretty much everything to move to Australia - left with books and a rapidly deteriorating wardrobe
  • See a country music act live in concert: I actually did this before I made the list (at Bonnaroo) but still need to catch The Beards live at some point!
  • Put together a GOOD bag and BOAT: Both could probably be better, but I've got the basics down.
  • Have a research paper published: W00t
  • Drive a car faster than 100 mph: Good old Aurora Corolla - I miss that car.
Overall impression: Not bad - I still have over 6 years to go on this and I've already managed to cross off a few!

Next time: I uncover the secrets of perpetual motion!