10 May 2010

Austen Mk. I

Paragon! I quite like the sound of this word, as well as a number of its synonyms... I don't really have a better reason than that for making it the first word of this post.

To be brief (since its 3:09AM and I would really like to get some sleep before I leave for Sydney), I'll be in Australia for the next 3 months, and plan on using this as a vehicle for communicating with all of you (you being my no doubt largely imaginary audience), and as a way for me to record the antics I get up since my memory so often fails me in that respect.

My cell phone will be off for the summer as of this morning, but I'd love to keep in touch with you, and I'll respond to e-mails or by facebook. If anyone wants to Skype with me, let me know!

If anyone cares, the title of this blog is a pun on the rather fitting word 'Ostentatious' (there is nothing like a good pun, and this is nothing like a good pun); the title of the post comes from this interesting find.

The next time I post, I'll be worlds away, and ecstatically content!