15 May 2010

Crowe vs. Cream

Australian fast food is relatively expensive. The basic 'Hungry Jack's'* Whopper meal weighs in at about a whopping (painfully obvious pun intended) $8 AUS. That about equivalent to 6 McDoubles (or 3 McGangBangs)! However, the one area where it can't be beat, pricewise, is with its soft serve ice cream cones. At the same place, you can get one of these fully palatable sugary delights for 50 cents.

That is, for the non-math inclined, about a half dollar. While that sinks in, let's talk about Russell Crowe for a bit. Specifically, his portrayal of the (apparently half-Irish) Robin Hood. This in turn will mandate an additional tangent (don't worry, I'm keeping track).

I have a very bad habit of prejudging films. That is to say, I usually 'know' whether or not I will enjoy a movie before I even buy my ticket. Fortunately, I am also usually right about my anticipated enjoyment. But occasionally I have the rare and often enjoyable moment where I am completely off the mark about a feature. For example, everyone -myself included- knew Catwoman was going to be awful. However, upon viewing it, it turned out to be fairly tolerable, and exceeded my expectations so much that I truly enjoyed the experience. On the other hand, despite popular opinion, Napoleon Dynamite kind of sucked (be honest, when was the last time you even considered watching it?) and so it was a real downer.

Back to Russel channeling Robin, I didn't really expect much, and was therefore extremely pleasantly surprised. It was much more than the 'Gladiator in England' I expected it to be, and I actually found myself laughing out loud at some of the humour (humor, for those in the States). Of course, my Dad and I saw it in a swanky downtown theatre (theater**), so it cost us about $17 AUS ($15 US**) per ticket.

Which brings us (finally) back to the topic of this post. I can now say with scientific certainty, that an evening with Russell Crowe for two is exactly worth 68 ice cream cones. The difference is of course that one is enough to satisfy two dozen men and women, and the other is a bunch of ice cream cones.

*Hungry Jack's ~ Burger King
** briefly consider the acronym replacement for 'those in the States' and if you don't chuckle, you are probably not a boy