13 May 2010

Happiness is Australia

After only two days, I'm already amazed at the incredibly positive effect this country has on my general temperament. A rather painful interpersonal issue -no one is really at fault, but its incredibly difficult nonetheless- reared its head once yesterday, and only a couple hours ago today, dragging me down toward the dismal level I have been trying to boost out of for several weeks now.

However, sitting out here on the balcony with this superb view and a very decent* glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, its difficult to care. I'm in a nation I love, with endless possibilities for the next three months. Just looking out over the city and relaxing fills me with a feeling of warm contentment that I lack the eloquence to define.

However, more crudely: at first I was like :), then I was like :'(, and the Sydney made me all :D.

Also, and much more importantly, there is a black and white cat living in my flat complex, who is both extremely adorable and amazingly dumb. I returned home today to find the feline in question lying at the top of a staircase leading down to a courtyard. Now, my affinity for all cat-kind is borderline compulsive, so I naturally reached down and began showering the cat -lets call it 'Steve'- with affection.

Steve began enjoying herself -also, Steve is a girl- immensely. Surprisingly she expressed this enjoyment not only by purring but also by rolling down the stairs one by one, rubbing her face and head against the banister all the way down.

Perhaps this sort of behaviour is typical of Australian animals. Time will tell...

*Author's Note: My taste in wine is questionable at best, but its red and palatable. Wikipedia describes Australian Cabernet Sauvignons as having "intense fruit flavors and subtle minty notes" whatever the hell that means.