12 May 2010

First Night

That rather low quality image above is a rather poor approximation of the gorgeous view from the balcony of my parents' apartment, taken from the equally low quality webcam on my laptop. It doesn't nearly do justice to the incredible beauty of the Sydney cityscape, I will try to get a hold of a proper camera to record it.

The journey over was as pleasant as any 24-hour trip can be. I was the main entertainment for a pair of children sitting a row ahead of me on the last leg of the journey (I would guess one was 4 and the other 2). Regardless of what I was doing -reading, sleeping, eating, attempting unsuccessfully to combine all three- they would merely have to glance at me and they would burst out laughing. I evoke this reaction from from some of my closest friends also.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to everyone's favorite airline, and congratulate them for successfully combine a pork breakfast sausage with a beverage coaster for a delightful 'edible' item that may even have been once part of a pig. At the very least, it provided some amusement when the older member of my audience crammed an entire 'ham slice' into her mouth, turned around to view me, observed that I did in fact still exist and was performing actions of some kind, and proceeded to laugh loudly and forcefully enough to expel said item an impressive distance into the aisle.

According to my Australian cell phone, the time is 6:16PM. According to my internal clock, its currently 4:16AM. Many of you know that this is not an entirely unusual time for me to be awake, but I'm still a little bit groggy.

Compounding this, I'm enjoying what will likely be the first of several beers (VB, a slightly more authentically Australian beer than Fosters). Moreso, I'm enjoying the fact that as of now, I will be able to consume similar beverages legally for the rest of my life. I'm far too tired to head out to the pubs tonight, but I'm a short hop from the seediest district in Sydney, and the public transportation here is top notch, so I anticipate many exciting evenings.

But for now at least, I bid you all a very fond farewell, and hope that at least one person besides myself is reading this :D