20 May 2010

Home Alone

My dad left for the states today, and though its not the first time I have been living on my own, this is the most independent I have been. I have no familial contacts within a thousand miles, I'm working pretty much full time, and I'm pretty much allowed to do whatever I want. This newfound freedom has led me to several major realizations:
  1. I can be naked anytime I like.
  2. I am terrible at shopping for food.
  3. Seriously, anytime! I'm naked right now.*
I have know about the second point for some time, but it was driven home tonight when I attempted to shop for food. I had in mind that I needed to buy some milk, and possibly some other items of an edible, and by those rather loose standards I was completely successful. Upon unpacking my groceries however, I began to wonder if my methodology or standards leave something to be desired. I'll let you be the judge:

What I ended up with (in no order):
- Half a kilo of canned salmon (generic brand)
- Canned 4 bean mix (sale)
- Canned corn (generic brand and on sale)
- 3x Various Soups (sale)
- 1L Moisturizer (something I actually needed... I get dry elbows OK?)
- 1 Full kilo of cereal (on a clearance sale, cheaper than the smallest box)
- 'Rustic Cut Potatoes' (on clearance sale)
- 3L Milk (what I set out to buy! also, generic brand)

What do you think?

*You clicked on the link, didn't you? I know, I'm hard to resist.